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Hongki/Jaejin A Day
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24th-Oct-2010 05:39 pm - #270
It's fine even if i'm sharing to myself here LOL at least we all know HongJae is back to clinging onto each other ah~~ and my fangirl-blood is going crazy !!!
This is FT Island cut from Kpop night concert in SG :) Our boys did very well xD
Notice 0:21 and 1:37 hehe!

Looks like Hyun is getting jealous =))
Never mind, HongJae is soooo cutee~!
17th-Oct-2010 09:01 pm - #269
This is from Kyungpook University Celebration. Ah~ their smiles are so adorable and bright.
Isn't JaeJin a lot more smiley these days because Hongki is back to him? xDDDDDDD

cre: baidu
16th-Oct-2010 08:58 am - #264;#265;#267; #268
Hey..don't let me talk to myself like this...it's kinda like..umh..autism?
Well..i don't mind :))
Hongki posted these pics on his twitter hehe! He actually said :"jaejin hair teacher hongstar" ROFL
These boys indeed are dorky ah~!

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Cre: Hongki's twitter
8th-Oct-2010 12:46 pm - #263
OMG it's been a long time since i update something LOL
it's kinda because HongJae are seperated these days TT_TT I still love them though.
I've created a channel on UTB to upload HongJae's videos, check it out :">
Now for the real picspam.
Aw~~~~ aren't they sooooo cute and adorable while sleeping a~ They kinda look alike here, ne?
i think this pic has been taken in Japan and by a member, maybe Minhwan?
11th-Jul-2010 01:34 pm - [video] Kimpo Airport

OMG when i said HongJae is back I MEANT IT !!!!!!!!

Have to pick up my words first!!



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10th-Jul-2010 10:23 am - #260;261;262

Baphivat Fansign 9.7.2010
Tell me: Jinnie is sooo adorable with that hair
and KYAHH HongJae is BACK !!!!
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20th-Jun-2010 09:32 pm - #259
Sorry girls, but we're lacking of HongJae's love lately. And it seems like there's not many people to share this dorky couple's love :( That makes me kinda sad.
But anyway, this is the newest pics from hongjae. JJ cut his hair and HK said that he looks very handsome and like a "big shot" =))
But looks at Hongki's hands =))
1st-May-2010 05:50 pm - #256;257;258
This is for the days i didn't update anything. Because of the school-work and FLOWER ROCK !! The PV and the mp3 are already out !! You guys like it ??

Hell YEAH!!!

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